Helpful Tips From the Experts

Confused as to what you should wear for your engagement photos? We’re here to help with some of the best engagement photo outfits for all seasons. We understand how hectic this process can be – from choosing a location, season, attire, etc. What you choose for your engagement photos will be shown off for your Save the Date cards, invitations, guestbook and more. Hopefully, we can help put some of your concerns at ease and maybe even inspire you for how your own engagement photos will look.

spring sessions

  • It’s all about the balance! Have your heart set on that little red cocktail dress? Great! Your partner has to dress similarly because khaki shorts and Birkenstocks are not going to cut it. Discuss ahead of time what makes you both comfortable and find outfits that complement one another.
  • Keep the weather in mind. If your dream photos entail bare arms and short hemlines, time your engagement for the proper season. You don’t want to be freezing in the winter because you just had to wear that miniskirt, nor do you want to be sweltering in the heat because you feel more comfortable in long sleeves. 


A little bit of glitz can really make for a stunning fashion piece in your photos. You can go full on glam, or fun and flirty with an adorable crop top. If you don’t want too much pizzaz, pair it with a soft sheer skirt, some dainty heels and have your man in a stylish color to round it off.


What’s a springtime engagement without some flirty florals? Find a pattern that is not too distracting to the eye. To keep those legs elongated with a short hemline, wear a pair of nude heels or tan booties.


A lady in red will always portray confidence and romance. You don’t want your outfit to be the only thing people see though. Create balance by having your partner look just as classy so the two of you harmonize. Perfect accent pieces make the attire, so think of going for a special manicure or earrings that will keep the look polished.


There is something about evening wear that is truly captivating. You don’t always have to go with matching black attire either. Dark and bold colors in luxe fabrics such as satin, silk or velvet work just as well. Now all you need is a pair of fine shoes, stylish accessories and a strong attitude to own it.

vintage mod

Sometimes it’s that timeless appeal of a different era that you want to exude. Blend vintage with modern for that classic Mad Men vibe that is utterly swoon-worthy. See their full engagement session featured on Artfully Wed!

summer sessions

  • Choose outfits that you’re comfortable in. Pick an outfit that both reflects your personality and elevates it; makes you feel pretty, makes you stand up a little taller and sway with confidence. Taking pictures may be uncomfortable for some; you want your fashion choices to assist not work against you.
  • Two outfits max. Keep in mind your location (will there be a place to change?), the timing of your schedule and equally important: bring a friend along who will carry your extra outfits in one bag. Your photographer has their gear and needs to move around freely and you certainly don’t want to be carrying around a bag in your own photos. Please let your photographers know in advance of any outfit changes so they can make sure that you have a proper place to change!

effortless charm

Summer is all about that popsicle bright flush of heat and a dewy soft breeze to remind you of carefree days. So aim for fresh pops of color in your props or garments, and seek out fabric that breathes, such as soft linen or cotton. Choose lighter makeup that won’t leave your face feeling too heavy and if you’ve got a mane to flaunt, let those tousled waves free.

your special pupper

We absolutely love when you bring your pooch to include in your engagement session! However, please let your photographer know ahead of time and make sure your intended location is dog-friendly. Also, be sure to bring a friend or family member who can attend to your canine companion during your solo photos.

bold prints

A bold print can look amazing on film! However, make sure that your partner stays neutral in a way that complements your patterns and doesn’t clash or distract. You want harmony in your photos, not a battle of the fashions.

channel your wedding day

Have your man don a suit and embrace blushing hues or soft white tones to reflect your bridal attire. Go for romantic elegance or perhaps choose a silhouette similar to your wedding dress. If you know that you’ve got that summer breeze to work with, go with long garments that can swirl and flow around you as you take a stroll.

Enter a Heading

Soft pastels are a lovely summertime romance, picking subdued hues that mirror one another’s attire and the backdrop of the ocean waves. Still want a bit of color? Paint those nails to dazzle! Don’t worry about looking formal if you’re getting in the sand; kick off those shoes and wiggle your toes for a day of worry-free enjoyment. To avoid looking too casual, pair those bare feet with structured garments and refined linen.

be your own canvas

Let’s take a step out of the Predictable for a moment. Envision this: you’ve donned your perfectly planned outfits and captured those picture perfect moments – only to slip right out of them and into a color explosion! No one will be able to forget those Save the Date cards, we promise you that. Be unpredictable;

sporty & spice

We’ve spoken about the advantages of wearing more than one outfit and this is the perfect example! We love our sports fans and can’t wait to see how you incorporate your colors for a fun athletic shoot!

autumn sessions

  • Leave plenty of time for travel. The last thing you want is to arrive late to your engagement shoot, stressed and tension filled. If you’re doing hair and makeup, have it done an hour before you need to leave and give yourselves an extra cushion of time when you head out.

flaunt your style

We know that each one of you has a part of yourselves that makes you feel confident and beautiful. And we encourage you to flaunt it! Whether it be a bold color on your lips, showing off those long legs, luscious locks or to die for curves – you should be proud of it. Flaunt those assets! 

the classic jeans

There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans, and if it’s what makes you feel the most comfortable – go for it! If the weather has a bit of a nip to it, cozy up in some knitted sweaters for a classic autumn experience. Take note of your surroundings and add a dash of color to bring out the tone of your backdrop.

complementary tones

Let your vivacious self shine with color that both complements and enhances each other’s outfits. Be wary of harsh colors that can clash against one another and distract from the main attraction: you! Choose colors and patterns that complement one another. A pinstripe shirt can be toned down with a pair of simple slacks and while you needn’t be matchy-matchy, allow your colors to harmonize by being found in accents of each other’s attire.

rocker chic

Fall weather is the perfect time to show off your rocker chic vibe. Throw in a chunky scarf, a sweater and some booties and you’ve got stylish layers to keep you warm as well.

winter sessions

  • Your backdrop is important. If you’re going for cocktail attire then the beach is not ideal; stiletto heels in the woodsy outdoors can complicate things. Consider your location as active participants in your outfit decision-making.
  • Being able to tolerate the cold and enjoy it is a plus!

yes to props!

Props can be a wonderful enhancement to your engagement photos, offering a perfect backdrop to tell your story and express the mood of your chosen season. Keep in mind that you will need someone to assist in carrying your items while you and your partner are walking.

glam it up

Going glam for your engagement photos can be perfect practice for your wedding day. Have a trial run with your hair and makeup artists and see how your desired looks will translate on film. Also, glam attire can make for a beautiful guestbook to be signed on your wedding day!

layer with accessories

Just because it’s a bit chilly out doesn’t mean that you always have to opt for a jacket. A shawl or sweeping scarf can serve as that perfect accent while still keeping you warm and stylish.

polished neutrals

Neutral tones can make for some classic and refined photos, especially if toned down matches your personality. You don’t always have to go for colors and patterns that demand attention. Combinations of ivory, deep grey and maroon make for beautiful winter vibes. Sometimes, a polished attire of complementary tones can make for the perfect day of shooting. And dressing in layers can offer you the option of two different outfits in one.

baby, it's cold outside

We haven’t forgotten about our outdoorsy folk! Cheeks a winter flush, puffs of steaming breath and the crunch of snow beneath boots makes for an epic snowy engagement.

In the end? Just have fun with it. Being engaged is a wonderful heady-in-love time and you want to soak it all up. Don’t try to be someone else’s engagement shoot; wear what makes you comfortable, accessorize in a way that feels like you and most of all – let your personality shine. Let your love for one another exude in your pictures – through smiles and shared gazes and laughter abound. Your photographer will take care of the rest.

Have a wonderful engagement session!