helpful tips from the experts

If standing in front of a camera on your wedding day sounds both exciting and nerve wracking, then you won’t want to miss this list of tips that will help you feeling natural and confident! This article is the second part of this series, so be sure to check out part one when planning your couple's session.


Taking photos in front a complete stranger can feel nerve-wracking to some and you don’t want to have to deal with those first-time jitters on your wedding day. Scheduling an engagement session allows you to meet your photographer in a more casual setting. So when your wedding arrives, you’ll not only be spending your day with a friendly face, you’ll also be happily confident in what to expect. Having an engagement session prior will be the perfect trial run to knowing your preferred angles and poses.


It’s not always easy to see the bigger picture on your wedding day; some poses may feel odd or maybe the directions given makes you feel a bit silly. But trust in the process and just go with the flow, because your photographer already knows the end result. If you are feeling a bit silly or out of place – laugh it off, that just might be the whole intention!


Having trouble not knowing what to do with your hands? For Brides, holding your bouquet or a hand on the hip are an easy go-to; for Grooms, a hand in your pocket gives a distinguished air. But remember that your wedding day is about your love for each other, so touch each other and find comfort in the familiarity of physical contact. A gentle hand touching the Bride’s cheek is very romantic, brushing away the hair from her face or touching her collarbone all embody quiet, intimate moments. Holding hands connects you to one another, placing your hands on the Groom’s chest during a kiss or linking your arms around his neck not only brings you closer together, but allows you to show off your ring as well.


There’s often this conception to look and act perfectly for your wedding photos, the need to make sure every moment is in your control. But this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life – so enjoy it and show it! So even if you’re feeling awkward with some of the poses or trying to give a forced laugh, it will help you relax and even lead up to some great reactions. Our groom Daniel tried to make a joke of the directed pose and Kaely couldn’t keep her composure. One of our favorite moments!


Kissing with your eyes closed is the most natural thing you can do. However, some couples nervously keep their eyes open when in front of the camera. Don’t make the mistake of leaning in with your lips puckered either; instead, keep a gentle smile as you lean in slowly. That “almost kiss” is just as beautiful, so take your time. Kiss with your whole body and allow yourselves to get lost in the moment.


If you’re feeling awkward, lean on your partner for comfort or fun. Instead of standing stiffly beside each other, sway into each other, laugh with one another or take comfort in the familiarity of each other. This is your wedding day after all, embracing each other should be the most natural thing to do. Falling into familiar habits will help you to stop overthinking how you think you should look and instead what will look the most natural on camera.

be fearless

Some of the most memorable photos are the ones where you take a chance and throw caution to the wind – hypothetically speaking. Whether it’s dancing in the rain in your wedding dress, running in heels or trusting your groomsmen to launch you into the air, the unknown possibilities makes for some of the best photos to look back on.


Time for some tough love: you may plan your wedding to the last detail but you will never be in charge of the weather. So whether that means sharing your vows in a torrential downpour, or kissing in a winter snowfall, letting go of that control will bring you one step closer to simply enjoying the day wholeheartedly. You can always fix your hair or touch up your makeup or tidy your dress – embracing the elements allows for some of the most incredible and authentic photos you’ll ever receive.

strike a pose

If you’re not used to being in front of a camera, something as simple as how to stand can be nerve wracking. Standing straight with your knees locked can lead to feeling stilted and uncomfortable, so remember these simple tricks: slowly shift your weight from one foot to the other, bending one knee each as you gently sway back and forth. In addition, cross one foot in front of the other and slowly shift your weight from each foot – this will create an elongated and slender appearance.

take your time

Do your best not to move too quickly or hurried; instead, think of floating slowly together, allowing your motions to be patient and calm. Find a rhythm with each other and revel in the moment. Walking too fast or switching between poses with jerky movements will result in unnatural looking photos.

breathe each other in

Take a moment from all of the staging and direction to just breathe each other in; take a quiet moment, let the world melt away and remember what brought you two to this day. Feel the movement of each other breathing, the warmth of their embrace and think of a memory. Have a moment of intimacy by staring into your partner’s eyes and take turns saying aloud every color you see in each other’s eyes. Take your time. And forget everything around you.